While Iron Man kick-started the summer season with a bang after taking nearly $100m across 56 territories in its opening weekend, a slew of Japanese films still accounted for 7.7% of the total revenue of international films.

New entrant Partners: The Movie (Aibou) was the highest non-US opener this weekend, coming in at number four with a $5.6m take in its home territory. The film, based on a popular detective television drama, played on just 300 screens for a massive $18,684 screen average, the highest of the weekend. It is distributed by Toei and has generated nearly $9m in Japan, including previews.

Toho's Detective Conan: Full Score Of Fear was up 20% this weekend with a $3.2m take for a $14.5m total, while Shaolin Girl was also up 20% in the territory with a $2.2m take for a $6.7m tally to date.

French contenders

Three new French titles graced the top 30, led by Studio Canal's Deux Jours A Tuer which opened at number 12 with a $2.3m take. The drama, based on the novel by Francois d'Epenoux, played on 403 screens for a $5,631 screen average. Gaumont's release 15 Ans Et Demi opened with $1.3m from 343 screens while UGC Distribution's Le Grand Alibi was right behind with a $1.2m take on 262 screens.

A further three French holdovers continued their strong showing - Ca$h was down 40% with a $2.1m weekend take for a $6.5m total; Welcome To The Sticks was down just 25% with a $1.9m take in its tenth weekend for a $196m total to date; and Europa's Taken fell 31% with a $1.8m take for a $22.9m tally.

Korean entrant Beastie Boys opened within the top 20 with a $1.6m weekend take. The film, starring Ha Jeong-woo and Yoon Gye-sang, is distributed through Lotte Entertainment.

Russia and the Philippines each offered a production to the international arena with Caroprokat's Alexander: Nevsky Battle taking $1.3m and Star Cinema's When Love Begins ... falling just shy of the $1m mark.

The top 39 films generated $183.5m from 37,648 screens for the period of May 2-4. Paramount's Iron Man accounted for 53.7% of the total weekend revenue.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewIron Man (US)$98,588,5817,588$98,588,58156
2(1)The Forbidden Kingdom (Ch-US)$9,626,5192,062$40,513,02811
3NewMade Of Honour (US)$6,410,2601,329$6,410,26018
4NewPartners: The Movie (Aibou) (Jap)$5,575,272300$8,935,7291
5(3)21 (US)$4,084,8211,574$37,704,10231
6(6)Fool's Gold (US)$4,073,9841,822$32,905,07844
7(2)Forgetting Sarah Marshall (US)$3,893,809980$16,167,32610
8(5)Horton Hears a Who! (US)$3,669,5193,238$131,956,65320
9(15)Nim's Island (US)$3,285,1051,445$20,580,26213
10(11)Detective Conan: Full Score Of Fear (Jap)$3,198,430335$14,456,9911
11(4)Street Kings (US)$2,683,1971,880$25,405,24536
12NewDeux Jours A Tuer (Fr)$2,269,206403$2,269,2062
13(21)Shaolin Girl (Jap)$2,198,361312$6,738,6013
14(8)Ca$h (Fr)$2,136,703550$6,514,2951
15(23)Crayon Shinchan 16 (Jap)$1,868,778317$7,503,9531
16(14)Welcome To The Sticks (Fr)$1,819,294891$195,993,7104
17(12)Taken (Fr)$1,750,599483$22,893,0694
18(17)10,000 BC (US)$1,629,775678$170,001,29626
19NewBeastie Boys (S Kor)$1,602,839277$2,694,0061
20(9)Step Up 2 The Streets (US)$1,527,5281,043$85,173,59518
21*Saw IV (US)$1,485,951317$70,057,9671
22(13)Tashan (Ind)$1,410,089321$5,946,37015
23(7)The Spiderwick Chronicles (US)$1,377,0911,647$84,437,89336
24NewAlexander: Nevsky Battle (Rus)$1,324,295378$1,324,2953
25(24)Sommer (Ger)$1,304,962511$6,159,6303
26(20)27 Dresses (US)$1,297,892457$76,364,68311
27New15 Ans Et Demi (Fr)$1,278,884343$1,278,8841
28NewLe Grand Alibi (Fr)$1,217,604262$1,217,6041
29(28)Sand Chronicles (Jap)$1,200,470244$4,284,1071
30(16)Superhero Movie (US)$1,166,843611$15,002,78115
31(31)The Game Plan (US)$1,061,1431,117$53,472,06812
32(25[Rec] (Sp)$1,041,234237$17,390,3664
33(18)The Eye (US)$980,675590$21,621,21912
34(10)Meet The Spartans (US)$971,546502$44,739,6078
35NewWhen Love Begins ... (Phil)$961,44870$961,4481
36(26)The Other Boleyn Girl (US-UK)$936,479429$38,330,19815
37(39)The Wave (Ger)$914,844544$23,814,3004
38(27)Shutter (US)$902,252716$13,913,53415
39(22)Untraceable (US)$804,279845$21,343,82121
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady