Four new entries broke into the top 10 in this week's international chart with What Happens In Vegas and Speed Racer debuting in second and third position respectively.

Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher star in the romantic comedy What Happens In Vegas as strangers who wake up after a night of drunken debauchery in Las Vegas to discover not only have they got married, they have also won a huge jackpot - with one betting with the other's quarter. Mutual back-stabbing ensues as each tries to get their hands on the winnings.

The film, distributed by 20th Century Fox, took $25.9m in 36 territories. It also had the week's third highest screen average (after Japanese drama Aibou: The Movie and Greek comedy Loufa & Apalaghi I4) with $6,904 from 3,904 screens.

Speed Racer, the Wachowski brothers' first turn behind the camera since completing the Matrix trilogy, took $12m for Warner Bros in 30 territories. The intensely coloured high-energy family film stars Emile Hirsch as a young and talented racing car driver who aims to win the cross-country rally that killed his brother, while uncovering race fixing and all kinds of skulduggery. The film played in 4,637 screens for a modest average of $2,591.

The highest non-US new entry of the week is Eros International's Bollywood title Bhoothnath, which took taken $4.8m in its opening weekend across 15 territories. The film played in 811 screens for a solid screen average of $5,858.

The film is the first feature to be directed by Vivek Sharma, and sees Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan play a ghost intent on keeping the current occupants of his house away, until he is befriended by the family's troublesome son played by Aman Siddqui.

The final new entry of the week is Japanese title Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess which opened in its home territory. The film is Shinji Higuchi's remake of Akira Kurosawa's 1958 classic The Hidden Fortress, about two greedy peasants who aim to profit by escorting a general and a princess across enemy lines to safety.

The Toho-distributed film opened in 10th place in the chart with a gross of $1.7m from 315 screens, for an average of $5,498.

French contenders

The highest screen average of the week went to the other Japanese film to make it into the top 10. The big-screen adaptation of an Ashai television detective drama, Aibou: The Movie took an average of $10,334 from 303 screens, taking $3m in its second week on release in Japan.

Second highest average went to Loufa & Apalaghi I4 which averaged at $8,898 for 93 screens, taking a total of $863,080 in its third week on release in Greece.

Pathe's French comedy Welcome To The Sticks dropped out of the top 20 for the first time, holding at 23rd place with weekend takings of $876,335, edging it ever nearer to the $200m mark. Its cumulative gross stands at $199m from four territories in 11 weeks.

The Weinstein Company's The Mist and Crystal Sky's Doomsday both re-entered the chart, with the week-on-week performance for UK thriller Doomsday rising by 389% - the biggest jump this week - after opening in the UK, which provided 87.7% of its $695,245 weekend gross.

Iron Man remained at the top of the table, taking $39,311,362 in its second week, bringing its total gross to date to $165,791,484. The film, which sees Robert Downey Jr don a high-tech metal weapons suit, is on release in 57 international territories, with 7,208 screens taking an average of $5,454.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend May 9-11
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Iron Man (US)$39,311,3627,208$165,791,48457
2NewWhat Happens In Vegas (US)$24,862,6733,904$24,862,67336
3NewSpeed Racer (US)$12,016,5814,637$12,733,64730
4NewBhoothnath (Ind)$4,751,043811$4,751,04315
5(2)The Forbidden Kingdom (US-Chi)$3,775,9851,662$46,851,84612
6(3)Made Of Honor (US)$3,216,8061,316$12,381,52518
7(4)Aibou: The Movie (Partners) (Japan)$3,131,148303$20,375,1391
8(5)21 (US)$2,235,1461,319$41,225,63135
9(46)The Bucket List (US)$2,100,508557$70,016,90921
10NewHidden Fortress: The Last Princess (Jap)$1,730,022315$1,730,0221
11(9)Nim's Island (US)$1,480,7411,385$22,071,37214
12(7)Forgetting Sarah Marshall (US)$1,467,715702$19,532,5979
13(6)Fool's Gold (US)$1,365,7981,294$34,837,70834
14(11)Street Kings (US)$1,317,1531,264$27,826,53927
15(42)88 Minutes (US)$1,256,514430$6,448,2416
16(17)Taken (Fr)$1,217,852397$25,005,1395
17(8)Horton Hears A Who! (US)$1,210,4632,058$135,755,87515
18(10)Detective Conan: Full Score Of Fear (Jap)$1,151,780335$19,892,5961
19(13)Shaolin Girl (Jap)$995,319312$11,188,8743
20(12)Deux Jours A Tuer (Fr)$989,794403$3,761,0552
21(14)Ca$h (Fr)$955,153445$7,806,8893
22(24)The Spiderwick Chronicles (US)$919,6011,499$88,646,77130
23(16)Welcome To The Sticks (Fr)$876,335824$197,838,7954
24(31)Loufa & Apalaghi I4 (Gr)$863,08097$3,258,9571
25*The Mist (US)$833,657171$18,946,0098
26(18)Alexander: Nevsky Battle (Rus)$814,328463$2,894,7583
27(23)Tashan (Ind)$723,756333$7,055,06711
28(22)Saw IV (US)$716,142283$71,228,8141
29(33)[Rec] (Sp)$712,081305$18,230,6864
30*Doomsday (US-UK)$695,245321$5,686,9577
31(29)Sand Chronicles (Jap)$669,498245$6,943,9481
32(19)10,000 BC (US)$641,335594$172,860,53914
33(27)15 Ans Et Demi (Fr)$632,753329$2,089,5472
34(15)Crayon Shinchan 16 (Jap)$620,629294$10,536,9871
35(20)Beastie Boys (S Kor)$616,338236$4,205,4991
36(28)Le Grand Alibi (Fr)$599,467275$2,032,0943
37(26)27 Dresses (US)$593,450390$77,086,01710
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady