Martial-arts adventure The Forbidden Kingdom came up trumps this weekend with a $16.8m take from 10 territories, making it this weekend's number one international film.

The Chinese-US co-production expanded in five territories including Russia and South Korea, for a mammoth second weekend rise of 416%.

The film, starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan, played across 2,336 screens for a $7,201 screen average, the second highest of the weekend. It is distributed by Lionsgate and Huayi Brothers and achieved a record-breaking opening-day gross in mainland China, raking in $2.29m on April 24. It has taken $11.4m to date in China, making it the biggest domestic title in the territory this year.

Ca$h coins it in

French film Ca$h was the highest new entry this weekend with a $3.6m take on 549 screens in France, Belgium and Switzerland. The film, distributed by TF1 International, enjoyed a $6,501 screen average, putting it at number eight on the chart.

A further three French holdover titles remained in the top 30 this weekend, led by Europa's Taken, which fell just 4% in its ninth weekend, thanks to a continued strong run in South Korea. The thriller, written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, took $2.5m across 428 screens for a $5,944 screen average. It has generated nearly $20m to date.

Pathe's box-office sensation Welcome To The Sticks still remains in the top 15 despite a 54% drop - its largest decline after nine weekends on release. The comedy took $2.4m from 941 screens for a $2,591 screen average. It boasts a $192m tally to date from just four territories.

And Studio Canal's Disco was down 65% in its fourth weekend with a $1.1m take from 741 screens. The Gerard Depardieu comedy has a $22.4m cumulative total.

Indian film Tashan, from Yash Raj Films, was the second highest entry of the weekend. The action adventure took $2.5m from 344 screens in 15 territories for a $7,376 screen average. It is the directorial debut from Vijay Krishna Acharya who also wrote the film; he was responsible for 2007's Guru, which took more than $24m worldwide.

Four Japanese films, all released through Toho, accounted for 6.9% of the top 40 revenue this weekend led by holdover title Detective Conan: Full Score Of Fear. The animation, directed by Yasuichiro Yamamoto, fell 34% in its second weekend but managed to stay number one in its home territory with a $2.7m take. The film played on 335 screens for a $7,988 screen average and has generated $8.1m to date.

New entry Shaolin Girl came in at number 21 this weekend with a $1.8m take in Japan. The female action film, starring Kou Shibasaki, played on 312 screens for a $5,903 screen average. It is directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro who made Udon.

Crayon Shinchan 16, another Japanese animation, fell 39% in its second weekend with a $1.4m take on 317 screens for a $4,646 screen average. The latest instalment of the manga series boasts a $4.3m total to date. And new entry Sand Chronicles came in at number 28 with a near $1.2m take from 244 screens. The film is based on the manga series by Hinako Ashihara and stars Nao Matsushita.

Thailand had a hit this weekend with new entry See Prang. The four-piece horror anthology fell just shy of the $1m mark, taking $929,672 from 113 screens in its home territory for a sturdy $8,227 screen average. It is released through GMM Tai Hub.

Marshall moves into new territories

Elsewhere, Universal's Forgetting Sarah Marshall flew the flag for the Judd Apatow gang, taking $7.1m from 995 screens. The US comedy was up 304% after expanding in seven territories, including the UK where it took $4.2m with previews and Russia where it took $850,000.

And Spanish horror film (Rec) re-entered the chart with a $1.3m take in its 26th weekend, after opening in France.

The top 40 international films generated $104.2m across 36,933 screens for the period April 25-27.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(10)The Forbidden Kingdom (US-Chi)$16,822,3502,336$24,695,80010
2(22)Forgetting Sarah Marshall (US)$7,114,587995$9,639,5539
3(1)21 (US)$6,151,7711,786$30,737,74727
4(3)Street Kings (US)$5,564,2432,585$20,036,45745
5(2)Horton Hears a Who! (US)$5,021,3834,512$125,920,06430
6(9)Fool's Gold (US)$4,928,5531,809$26,302,47439
7(5)The Spiderwick Chronicles (US)$4,173,2712,877$80,844,74845
8NewCa$h (Fr)$3,569,213549$3,569,2133
9(4)Step Up 2 the Streets (US)$3,148,7901,450$81,717,86216
10(50Meet The Spartans (US)$2,829,886718$42,574,24611
11(7)Detective Conan: Full Score Of Fear (Jap)$2,675,871335$8,140,0781
12(13Taken (Fr)$2,544,212428$19,826,7394
13NewTashan (Ind)$2,463,554344$2,463,55415
14(6)Welcome To The Sticks (Fr)$2,438,012941$192,060,6024
15(8)Nim's Island (US)$2,215,7481,124$15,369,72812
16(12)Superhero Movie (US)$2,141,663703$12,854,36914
17(31)10,000 BC (US)$2,130,7161,472$165,370,49244
18(42)The Eye (US)$2,002,454852$19,784,08222
19NewDeception (US)$1,970,530606$1,970,5303
20(43)27 Dresses (US)$1,871,496581$74,233,3189
21NewShaolin Girl (Jap)$1,841,624312$1,841,6241
22(21)Untraceable (US)$1,670,5711,218$19,712,71624
23(15)Crayon Shinchan 16 (Jap)$1,472,900317$4,284,4151
24(16)Sommer (Ger)$1,333,898511$4,207,6963
25*[Rec] (Sp)$1,300,546222$16,022,9174
26(30)The Other Boleyn Girl (US-UK)$1,270,950703$36,926,12920
27(17)Shutter (US)$1,195,948871$12,159,72614
28NewSand Chronicles (Jap)$1,175,318244$1,175,3181
29(14)Three Kingdoms: Resurrection ... (HK-S Kor)$1,145,114576$22,139,5907
30(11)Disco (Fr)$1,135,391741$22,437,0893
31(18)The Game Plan (US)$1,022,1521,076$52,126,63712
32(33)Leatherheads (US)$996,083415$6,098,8587
33(39)The Bucket List (US)$976,150527$66,591,50625
34NewSee Prang (Thai)$929,672113$929,6721
35(49)Definitely, Maybe (US-UK)$912,213633$18,510,94022
36(73)Next (US)$874,031240$50,674,6673
37(29)In Bruges (UK)$835,447274$7,578,9062
38(27)The Kite Runner (US)$827,186632$55,170,47921
39(38)The Wave (Ger)$777,778513$21,221,9042
40(24)Jumper (US)$776,9951,046$139,422,56414
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady