Indian film Sarkar Raj was this weekend's highest non-US entry in the international arena, taking $5.4m from 1,433 screens in 17 territories.

The film is one of 17 that crossed the $1m mark over the June 6-8 weekend, as the top four films - all Hollywood offerings - saturated the market.

Sex And The City, Kung Fu Panda and the latest instalments of Indiana Jones and The Chronicles Of Narnia accounted for 67.3% of the top 40 revenue. Sex And The City ousted Indiana Jones from the top slot after expanding in 25 territories, taking $37.6m over the three-day period.

Sarkar Raj, distributed by Eros International, came in at number six with a $3,790 screen average. The film, which is about a foreign company wanting to set up a power plant on farmers' land west of Mumbai, opened at number eight in the UK, where it took $368,375 from 56 screens. It is directed by Ram Gopal Varma and stars Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai.

Four Japanese titles took more than $7m, led by Toho's The Magic Hour which opened at number one in Japan with $4.8m from 379 screens. The film, written and directed by Koki Mitani, boasted a $12,715 screen average - the second highest of the international weekend behind Kung Fu Panda's $13,449.

Six French films generated a more modest $3.7m collectively, each failing to reach the $1m mark. The pack was led by two new entries - Gaumont's JCVD, the Jean Claude Van Damme docudrama from Mabrouk El Mechri, which took $833,461 from 270 screens while Films Distribution's crime story Affaire De Famille opened with an $811,774 take across 270 screens.

Additionally, Korean comedy Girl Scouts opened in the top 20, taking $877,469 from 265 screens in its home territory. It is distributed by Lotte Entertainment.

The top 40 international films generated $171.2m from 42,947 screens for the period June 6-8.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend June 6-8
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(2)Sex And The City (US)$37,642,0555,714$92,163,94739
2(1)Indiana Jones & The Kingdom... (US)$36,857,5867,926$327,418,15458
3NewKung Fu Panda (US)$20,456,4571,521$20,456,4579
4(3)The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (US)$20,322,0474,446$101,247,04727
5(4)What Happens In Vegas (US)$7,433,3963,482$109,084,23745
6NewSarkar Raj (Ind)$5,431,6281,433$5,431,62817
7NewThe Magic Hour (Jap)$4,819,111379$4,819,1111
8(7)21 (US)$4,568,6121,579$59,433,43649
9(15)Superhero Movie (US)$3,499,6661,158$26,286,08810
10(5)Iron Man (US)$3,240,1542,755$247,003,08154
11(6)Made Of Honour (US)$3,012,0381,552$35,094,89729
12NewYou Don't Mess With The Zohan (US)$2,071,346406$2,071,3463
13(30)Prom Night (US)$1,815,023771$6,627,20419
14(11)Gomorrah (It)$1,477,497349$14,441,4431
15(10)Il Divo (It)$1,432,211358$5,114,1321
16(8)Speed Racer (US)$1,233,3171,676$36,738,95433
1716)The Mist (US)$1,047,089461$24,212,8136
18(9)Partners: The Movie (Aibou) (Jap)$969,445301$37,074,0131
19*My Mom's New Boyfriend (US-Ger)$922,240277$2,245,9473
20NewGirl Scouts (S Kor)$877,469265$1,048,5301
21NewJCVD (Fr)$833,461370$833,4612
22NewAffaire De Famille (Fr)$811,774270$811,7742
23(12)Cyborg She (Jap)$811,230293$3,615,4961
24(13)88 Minutes (US)$726,679504$11,480,5729
25*Gone Baby Gone (US)$716,352291$11,365,3292
26*Then She Found Me (US)$714,107197$1,807,0722
27(14)Caregiver (Phil)$682,35170$2,547,8941
28(32)The Eye (US)$677,395453$24,596,51512
29(21)A Christmas Tale (Fr)$633,435202$3,259,2432
30(17)Rambo (US)$609,529304$68,718,2741
31(18)Fool's Gold (US)$510,208537$39,262,36414
32(33)Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (US)$506,574192$14,374,6825
33(19)The Forbidden Kingdom (US-Ch)$504,522405$53,155,67811
34(23)Deux Jours A Tuer (Fr)$496,748427$9,196,1271
35*Leatherheads (US)$496,319283$8,557,26911
36New48 Hours A Day (Fr)$494,371201$494,3712
37NewThe Taste Of Fish (Jap)$469,202259$469,2021
38(27)Welcome To The Sticks (Fr)$468,984439$205,222,6485
39(22)The Bucket List (US)$455,809326$79,695,85510
40*Mongol (Rus-Ger-Kaz-Mong)$433,520115$14,477,7894
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady