The big international story this weekend may have been Walt Disney Smpi's High School Musical 3: Senior Year (see review, p24, and box office, p31) but a number of diverse openers also managed to scare up big business at the box office. Mandate International's fifth instalment in the Saw franchise opened in nine international territories, ranking number five in the chart.

Saw V sees serial killer Jigsaw, aided by his murderous assistants, continue his reign of terror with his deadly traps and games. The film took $6.8m internationally from 930 screens, including a second-place UK opening of $3.7m from 367 screens. The film will open in a further 11 territories for the Halloween weekend (October 31-November 2). It has also opened second place in the US, when it grossed $30.1m, slightly down on the three previous sequels.

The highest non-US entry this weekend is Pathe Distribution's Public Enemy Number One: Part One. A France-Italy-Canada co-production, Jean-Francois Richet's film follows the rise of notorious French criminal Jacques Mesrine. The film opened in France, Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland, with a three-day gross of $5.8m from 527 screens, earning the second-highest screen average of the week (after High School Musical 3) with a per-screen figure of $11,000.

Paramount Pictures International's Ghost Town made its international debut in the UK, charting in fourth position behind new entries High School Musical 3, Saw V and holdover title Burn After Reading. The film stars comedian Ricky Gervais as a dentist who suddenly develops the ability to see ghosts. It took $2.2m from 342 screens for an average of $6,400. The film is scheduled to open in further territories in the coming months, reaching France and Spain in February 2009.

Other new entries this week include India's Heroes, South Korea's My Wife Got Married and Japan's The Homeless Student, with $2.4m, $2.2m and $1.2m respectively.

week)Film (origin)Gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewHigh School Musical 3: Senior Year (US)$40,682,0223,165$40,682,02219
2(5)Max Payne (US)$9,045,4502,355$17,706,21644
3(2)Burn After Reading (US-UK-Fr)$8,315,2852,033$48,634,59725
4(1)Eagle Eye (US)$6,776,2612,927$57,343,46051
5NewSaw V (US)$6,758,307930$6,792,0179
6NewPublic Enemy Number One: Part 1 (Fr-It-Can)$5,796,604527$5,796,6043
7(6)Vicky Cristina Barcelona (US-Sp)$4,980,2131,088$29,998,48912
8(9)Tropic Thunder (US)$4,831,2051,482$66,217,90344
9(4)Wall-E (US)$4,672,3592,061$254,115,46522
10(7)Mamma Mia! The Movie (US-UK)$4,471,6312,707$409,034,46044
11(3)Admiral (Rus)$3,841,5001,059$33,156,2643
12(8)Nights In Rodanthe (US)$3,621,1381,601$17,718,04023
13(12)Suspect X (Jap)$3,183,629410$32,365,0051
14(32)Journey To The Center Of The Earth (US)$2,706,860831$103,774,14827
15NewHeroes (Ind)$2,409,836823$2,409,83617
16NewMy Wife Got Married (S Kor)$2,313,118439$2,787,3481
17NewGhost Town (US)$2,199,100342$2,199,1001
18(14)Hellboy II: The Golden Army (US)$2,136,6211,000$72,073,24423
19*Space Chimps (US)$2,132,9111,068$21,677,54011
20(26)Body Of Lies (US)$2,116,965703$9,077,3139
21(19)Le Crime Est Notre Affaire (Fr)$2,035,247364$5,062,7362
22(11)The House Bunny (US)$2,000,5291,357$16,813,19632
23*Babylon AD (Fr)$1,754,443667$45,298,43616
24(17Wanted (US)$1,750,496993$205,963,99514
25(13)Righteous Kill (US)$1,664,167814$29,356,23815
26(15)Open Season 2 (US)$1,649,780382$5,491,6192
27(18)How To Lose Friends & Alienate People (UK)$1,625,214926$10,815,8615
28(21)The Baader Meinhof Complex (Ger)$1,540,042679$21,931,0654
29(22)Death Race (US)$1,465,9871,107$25,533,82926
30(10)Mirrors (US)$1,460,9021,091$33,028,64524
31(33)Die Geschichte Vom Brandner (Ger)$1,434,224187$3,273,0892
32(29)Krabat (Ger)$1,397,529386$6,429,6691
33(28)The Class (Fr)$1,320,109616$14,753,2444
34(20)Coluche, L'Histoire D'Un Mec (Fr)$1,279,328505$4,181,3963
35(16)Painted Skin (HK-Ch)$1,249,388654$35,628,4065
36(24)Beverly Hills Chihuahua (US)$1,225,975956$15,718,1179
37NewThe Homeless Student (Jap)$1,219,738309$1,219,7381
38(34)PS I Love You (US)$1,183,657279$97,356,9061
39*Nordwand (Ger)$1,125,652280$1,469,7083
40*Adventures Of Alyonushka And Yeryoma (Rus)$1,123,724496$2,682,1172
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady