Russia's Admiral sailed to the top of the international chart this week, following its world premiere on October 6, amassing $12.5m from 1,223 engagements in two territories and ending the reign of Universal's dancing queen, Mamma Mia! The Movie, which dropped 41% to $8.4m.

With Twentieth Century Fox distributing, the Channel One/Solyaris co-production Admiral took $11.3m in its home territory alone, making Andrei Kravchuk's film the biggest Russian opener of all time, breaking the $9.6m first weekend record set by The Irony Of Fate: The Sequel in 2007.

Promoted as Russia's answer to Titanic, the biopic is a story of tragic love set against the backdrop of the Russian Civil War, starring Konstantin Khabensky as Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak.

Channel One and Twentieth Century Fox, who were also behind the success of Timur Bekmambetov's Nightwatch and its sequel Daywatch (which collectively grossed $56m worldwide), are expecting Admiral to beat all previous records.

Boasting a budget of $20m - huge for a Russian film - it is being released as a feature running at 123 minutes, but will also be shown as a 10-part TV drama on Channel One.

The film's figures have bolstered what is already being hailed as a strong year in the territory. Revenues in Russia and the CIS increased 38.2% in the first six months of 2008, against the same period in 2007. Russian Film Business Today estimates this year's box-office total will be $750m-$770m.

Paramount Pictures's Eagle Eye climbed two positions to second place in the chart with a 26% increase in takings over the October 10-12 weekend, resigning Mamma Mia! to third place. Eagle Eye took $10.9m from around 3,000 screens, its week-on-week increase due in part to openings in eight territories including Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

Additional reporting by Jack Warner

week)Film (origin)Gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewAdmiral (Rus)$12,510,7181,223$13,314,5203
2(4)Eagle Eye (US)$10,879,7693,030$29,407,88038
3(1)Mamma Mia! The Movie (US)$8,374,7783,713$390,719,74646
4(5)Burn After Reading (US-UK-Fr)$7,070,2551,257$23,316,32517
5(2)Painted Skin (HK-Ch)$6,156,4981,190$29,338,1954
6(38)Vicky Cristina Barcelona (US-Sp-Fr)$5,664,047768$14,335,1199
7(12)Righteous Kill (US)$5,367,1101,446$22,768,63618
8(3)Wall.E (US)$5,351,0002,698$238,128,00021
9(8)Suspect X (Jap)$5,115,122410$15,119,1391
10(34)The House Bunny (US)$4,952,5421,576$8,596,58825
11(22)Wanted (US)$4,893,0421,444$195,695,94120
12(11)Mirrors (US)$4,788,7231,680$25,436,42021
13(9)Tropic Thunder (US-Ger)$3,519,8351,841$54,643,58238
14(7)Beverly Hills Chihuahua (US)$3,190,000899$10,574,0006
15NewBody Of Lies (US)$3,156,213607$3,423,1267
16(24)Disaster Movie (US)$2,827,929967$12,838,00914
17(6)The Baader Meinhof Complex (Ger)$2,660,255676$16,022,5573
18(10)Journey To The Center Of The Earth (US)$2,486,060947$92,234,60832
19(17)The Class (Fr)$2,340,022625$10,481,3364
20(16)The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (UK)$2,311,539461$14,858,8442
21NewNo Problem (It)$2,172,821423$2,172,8211
22NewKrabat (Ger)$2,068,854365$2,129,5301
23NewHello (Ind)$2,026,753548$2,026,7537
24(18)Taken (Fr)$2,026,014917$62,612,52020
25(30)Nights In Rodanthe (US)$1,806,6471,072$7,000,54312
26(25)Connected (HK)$1,669,782807$7,635,5795
27(14)Death Race (US)$1,621,299695$20,748,28518
28(13)Kidnap (Ind)$1,612,643763$7,143,41517
29(15)Babylon AD (Fr)$1,594,1471,529$42,786,09630
30(21)Faubourg 36 (Fr)$1,518,147616$8,929,5253
31(28)How To Lose Friends & Alienate People (UK)$1,499,660512$4,957,8312
32NewFritt Vilt 2 (Nor)$1,469,09694$1,469,0961
33(19)Go Fast (Fr)$1,438,865308$4,893,0143
34(23)You Don't Mess With The Zohan (US)$1,342,692926$99,505,88931
35(26)Cliente (Fr)$1,329,334405$4,121,8332
36(27)The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon ... (US)$1,293,627679$288,320,89525
37*Fly Me To The Moon (Bel)$1,282,529441$7,443,5785
38*The Women (US)$1,189,268553$9,163,7177
39(20)Drona (Ind)$1,128,914811$4,867,18515
40(39)Paco And The Magical Picture Book (Jap)$1,026,157292$18,508,0521
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady