The teaser trailer for Iron Sky The Coming Race, the sequel to the cult-favourite Nazis on the moon film, was unveiled Thursday night at the AFM.

The Nordic Genre Invasion hosted the film’s crowdfunding launch party, at Cross Campus, a spacious, warehouse-style community work space in Santa Monica. Vans from the Loew’s brought a crowd of about 200 multi-national young people to munch on cheese and Finnish licorice, drink beer served by bartenders wearing Nordic Viking hats and check out the trailer.

Nordic Genre Invasion Project Manager Laura Laaksonen introduced several of the Scandinavian film companies which collectively make up Nordic Genre Invasion. They, in turn, presented their upcoming genre films – almost all English language - scheduled for production in 2015.

Tom Green, the latest addition to the Iron Sky sequel’s cast, rallied the crowd enthusiastically, who cheered and applauded through the teaser at the special effects and scene of the President of the United States (Stephanie Paul, who was at the event) descending into the hollow Earth and meets a Nazi riding a T-Rex (she gives him the finger).

The crowd continued cheering as producer Tero Kaukomaa and director Timo Vuorensola took the stage and announced that the sequel’s crowd-funding had officially begun on IndieGogo. Vuorensola described to the audience how the Iron Sky concept “just came to me” and he was excited about making part two.

As of Friday afternoon, Iron Sky The Coming Race had earned almost $50,000 through the crowdfunding campaign. Not bad for less than 24 hours.