BVI's Finding Neverlandwas the clear winner at the weekend, as it shot straight to the top of theItalian box office and rallied $2,120,139 from 269 screens for an impressiveaverage of $7,875 per screen.

The Johnny Depp vehiclepushed The Aviator down into second place, with the Martin Scorsesepicture shedding a huge 44% off its earnings on its second weekend. Currentlyplaying on 429 screens, The Aviator has now earned $5,099,903 for 01Distribution.

The weekend saw three othernew releases: At number three in the box office, was Pupi Avati's Italiancomedy about a jazz group, Ma Quando Arrivano Le Ragazze' Distributed byRai Cinema label 01, the film topped The Aviator's screen average, andgrossed a strong $817,100 from 216 screens.

Meanwhile, Eagle Pictures'sfirefighting drama Ladder 49 met with a lukewarm reception. Released on325 screens, the picture grossed $736,724. 20th Century Fox's Elektraopened on 197 screens and earned $673,218, placing it at number four.