Korean sales agent Fine Cut has pre-sold Min Kyu-dong's Antique to Showgate in Japan for a mid six-figure sum.

In addition, Japan 's SPO Entertainment has snapped up romantic drama Love, First from Fine Cut, founded by former Cineclick Asia chief Youngjoo Suh.

Currently in post-production, Antique is produced by SooFilm, Zip Cinema and United Pictures, a production and financing outfit recently launched by leading producers Lee Tae-hun, Shim Bokyeong and Eugene Lee.

Based on a famous Japanese manga, it tells the story of four young men with hidden pasts working in a French cake shop. Fine Cut has also sold the film to Innoform Media for Singapore.

Lee Han's Love, First is produced by Ozon Film Production, Big House and Vantage Holdings. Released in Korea last December, it stars Kam Woo-sung (King And The Clown) and upcoming star Jung Il-woo.