Joan Collins has joined Christopher Lee and Paul Wesley in the cast of Cowboys For Christ which is written and will be directed by Robin Hardy, who has only made one film since his classic 1973 horror film The Wicker Man.

Although the new film, which is being produced by CFC Film Ltd, is neither a sequel or prequel to The Wicker Man, it will be shot in the same location of Dumfries, Scotland. Shooting is scheduled to begin on April 10, 2008.

The film is about a gospel singer and her cowboy friend, both virgins promised to each other, who set off from Texas to enlighten Scottish heathens about the ways of Christ. They are welcomed on the estate of a landed gent (played by Lee) but the townsfolk have sinister plans for them.

Collins plays Lee's wife in the film. She last played with the famous actor in Dark Places in Don Sharp's Dark Places in 1973.

Fantastic Films International has worldwide rights to the film.