Actor Ken Watanabe will appear in a documentary chronicling recovery efforts in the wake of Japan’s March 11 catastrophe.

Watanabe will explore various aspects of the post-disaster landscape in northeastern Japan, introducing the revival of local industries and opinions on how the region should be rebuilt.

Co-produced by Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, Japanese public broadcaster NHK and Singapore’s Bang Productions, the feature-length documentary will have its premiere at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland (Jan 25-29), where Watanabe will also speak on the issue.

The film, whose title is yet to be announced, will premiere in Japan and internationally in March on the first anniversary of the disaster.

Aside from his Hollywood and Japanese film roles, Watanabe is becoming increasingly involved in documentaries. Watanabe and Departures screenwriter Kundo Koyama spearheaded Kizuna311, which relayed video messages from around the world in support of survivors. Matt Damon, Clint Eastwood and Cameron Diaz were among celebrities who participated.

The Inception star previously appeared Ken Watanabe’s America: Japanese Americans and Post - 911 America, also produced by NHK. Watanabe’s name was enough to secure the show an airing last summer in the US on PBS prior to the 10th anniversary of the attacks. He also provided narration for the highly successful Japanese release of German-UK documentary Earth.

Watanabe stars next in big-budget space drama Hayabusa, released by Toei on Feb 11.