Be With Me, directed by Singapore's Eric Khoo (12 Storeys),has been selected as the opening film for directors' fortnight at Cannes.

The film weaves together threeinter-connected stories and is inspired by the life of Singapore's Theresa Chan- a blind and deaf woman.

'It's almost a silent filmwith only five minutes of dialogue, but it's also a serious film about hope,destiny and love. I am happy that it has touched the heart of [directors'fortnight's] artistic director Olivier Pere,' said Khoo.

Be With Me is produced by Khoo's Zhao Wei Films in associationwith Infinite Framework - Singapore's first high definition post-productionhouse - and Brian Hong whose credits include 12 Storeys. The picture wasmade in 16 days on a shoestring budget using amateur actors, including a cameorole by Royston Tan, director of gangster flick 15 which Khoo produced.

Be With Me was originallyshot using an HD camera because Khoo was eager to experiment with new ways ofshooting movies. Now he is transferring the picture onto a 35mm print for thedirectors' fortnight screening.

Khoo is the first and onlySingaporean director whose work has been invited to Cannes. His poignant drama 12Storeys was screened in Un Certain Regard in 1997. After 12 Storeys,he produced a couple of local films, including Tan's 15, and co-directedOne Leg Kicking. Be With Me is his first solo film in eight years.

He's now in negotiation witha major French company for the international sales of Be With Me. A dealis expected before Cannes starts.