Name: Francis Ford Coppola, director and producer

Production: Tetro

A co-production between Zoetrope Argentina, Zoetrope (US), Tornasol (Spain), Castafiore Films and BIM (Italy), Tetro follows the rivalries within an artistic Italian family living in Argentina. Shooting in Buenos Aires, Calafate, Bariloche in Argentina and Alicante in Spain from April until June with an international cast that includes Maribel Verdu and Vincent Gallo

- Why did you decide to shoot in Buenos Aires'

I wanted several scenes to be shot in the traditional Italian immigrant neighbourhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires. It is a big city like New York; it's full of life and it gave me a chance to put these characters in a slightly exotic setting where I would be free to work and pursue this more personal type of film-making.

- What are your cost savings'

I'm taking advantage of Argentina's relatively low production costs and the creative inspiration I find on the streets of its capital. It could turn out 30% cheaper than shooting in the US.

- How are you finding working with local crews'

A great experience. They not only have good skills in technical issues but also an artistic-aesthetic vision and a cinephile sensibility.

- What does Argentina need to make it a first-class location'

More facilities. I don't think the local film industry can handle more than three productions of a significant scale at the same time.

- What do you like most about shooting in Argentina'

I knew Argentina has a great cultural, artistic, literary, musical and cinematic tradition, and I like those kinds of atmosphere very much because you usually find creative people to work with.

- What do you like least'

The robbery at my company's HQ in Buenos Aires.