Name: Laura Bickford, producer

Production: The Argentine

A US-Spanish co-production between Focus Features, Estudios Picasso, Laura Bickford Productions, Morena Films, Section 8 and Telecinco about Che Guevara's involvement in the Cuban revolution. The majority (12 weeks) of the shoot was done in the state of Campeche, Mexico from May to July, the rest in Spain, Puerto Rico and Bolivia

- Why did you shoot in Mexico'

We were doubling a location in Cuba - the city of Santa Clara. As US film-makers, we can't base a production in Cuba because of the embargo so we recreated Santa Clara in the city of Campeche. We considered Puerto Rico but it had no railroad and no small city that matched. Nor did the Dominican Republic.

- What were your cost savings'

It cost about 20% less than US without rebates.

- How did you find working with local crews'

They were great.

- What advice would you give a non-Mexican producer working for the first time with a Mexican crew'

We were told by US insurance companies and bonds that we needed very intense security details that we are not used to. It was a bit worrying. When we actually shot there, it was extremely safe and everyone had a great time.

- Which person or company on the ground was indispensable'

Anna Roth (local producer on The Argentine).

- What do you wish you'd known before you started shooting'

The diversity of locations in the country is amazing.

- Are you doing any post-production work in Mexico'

No. We're doing post-production in the US.

- What did you like most about shooting in Mexico'

The weather, the hotels and the food.

- Would you shoot in the country again'