Leading Asian directorsincluding South Korea'sKim Jee-woon, China's Lou Ye and Japan's Kore-eda Hirokazu are among the 25 filmmakers whohave had projects selected for this year's edition of the Hong Kong Asia FilmFinancing Forum (HAF).

Kim, whose credits include A Bittersweet Life and A Tale Of TwoSisters, will bring his highly-anticipated 'Oriental Western' The Good, The Bad And The Weird to the Hong Kong projects market which runs March 20-22.

Lou, who most recentlydirected controversial Cannes competition entry Summer Palace, is bringing a project entitled The Last Hour, while Kore-eda, whose Nobody Knows won best actor at Cannes in 2004, has had Night-fragrant Flower selected.

The selection also includesprojects from hot up-and-coming filmmakers such as Beijing-based female director XuJinglei - who has had a biopic of China's Tang Dynasty Empress Wu selected - HongKong female director Yan Yan Mak, Malaysia's Ho Yuhang, Singapore's Kelvin Tongand Hong Kong's Pang Ho Cheung.

'This year's selection seesthe further blossoming of HAF as new territories are participating for thefirst time,' said newly appointed HAF director Jacob Wong. 'The 2007 projectsare an embodiment of Asia's finest commercial and artistic filmmaking.'

HAF is organised for thefirst time this year by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society andco-organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Motion PictureIndustry Association. It opens on the same day as Hong Kong Filmart and theHong Kong International Film Festival and organisers are expecting around 600film financiers, bankers, producers, buyers, film funding bodies anddistributors to attend.

Recently completed filmsthat have participated in previous editions of HAF include Air directed by China's Zhang Yang, TheDrummer from Hong Kong's Kenneth Bi and Freesiaby Japan's Kumakiri Kazuyoshi. Other former HAF projects suchas Hur Jin-ho's Hwa Jang and LiuFendou's Part Ocean, Part Flame are currently in pre-production and scheduled toshoot later this year.

1. The 19th Step (India)
Director: Bharat Ganapathy
Producer: Bharat Ganapathy
Production Company: BharatBala Productions

2. At The End Of Daybreak (Malaysia)
Director: HO Yu Hang
Producer: Lorna TEE
Production Company: Paperheart Limited

3. Beautiful Kate (Australia)
Director: Rachel WARD
Producer: Leah Churchill-Brown
Production Company: DOLL

4. Bed (Singapore)
Director: Kelvin TONG
Producer: Leon TONG
Production Company: Boku Films Pte Ltd

5. Bema's Tear (Hong Kong / Chinese mainland)
Director: Francis NG
Producer: Chris LIU
Production Company: Beijing Golden Skyway Media Co

6. Blown By The Typhoon (Chinese mainland)
Director: YING Liang
Producer: PENG Shan
Production Company: 90 Minutes Film Studio

7. The Dream (Taiwan)
Director: CHANG Tso Chi
Producer: CHANG Tso Chi

8. Fading Away, My Love (South Korea)
Director: NOH Dong-Seok
Producer: Eugene LEE
Production Company: Zip Cinema

9. The Good, The Bad And The Weird (South Korea)
Director: KIM Jee-Woon
Producer: CHOI Jae-Won
Production Company: Barunson Co. Ltd. / Grimm Pictures

10. Homecoming (South Korea)
Director: E J-yong
Producer: Ellen KIM
Production Company: bom Film Production

11. The Journal Of Night And Morning (Hong Kong)
Director: Yan Yan MAK
Producer: Yan Yan MAK
Production Company: Dragonfly J Co. Ltd.

12. The Last Hour (Chinese mainland)
Director: LOU Ye
Producer: NAI An
Production Company: Dream Factory

13. The Messenger (Hong Kong / Australia)}
Director: Clara LAW
Producer: Sue MASLIN
Production Company: Lunar Films P/L

14. Night-fragrant Flower (Japan)
Director: KORE-EDA Hirokazu
Producer: Shigenobu Yotaka
Production Company: TV Man Union, Inc.

15. Now Showing (Hong Kong)
Director: PANG Ho Cheung
Producer: Subi LIANG
Production Company: Making Film Productions

16. One Night In Beijing (Chinese mainland)
Director: ZHANG Yuan
Producers: ZHANG Yuan, Jack JIA Zhijie
Production Company: Beijing Century Good-Tidings Productions

17. Palace Days (Chinese mainland)
Director: XU Jinglei
Producer: XU Jinglei
Production Company: Beijing Kaila Pictures Co

18. Point Of Reference (Vietnam / France)
Director:Nghiem-Minh Nguyenvo
Producer: Julien Favre
Production Company: DViant Films

19. Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Red Rose AndWhite Rose (Hong Kong)
Director: Mabel CHEUNG
Producer: Alex LAW
Production Company: Electric Shadows Productions, Mega Harmonic
Entertainment Limited, Sky Films

20. Shuang Xiong Hui (Chinese mainland / Japan)
Director: JIA Zhangke
Producers: CHOW Keung, ICHIYAMA Shozo
Production Company: Xstream Pictures, Office Kitano

21. The Sparrow (Thailand)
Director: Anocha Suwichakornpong
Producer: Soros Sukhum
Production Company: Electric Eel Films

22. Tea Of The Desert (Chinese mainland)
Director: LU Yue
Producers: ZHANG Wang, Er Yong
Production Company: Cheerland Entertainment Organization

23. A Thousand Winds (South Korea)
Director: KIM Young-Nam
Producer: KIM Young-Nam
Production Company: Yus Pictures

24. Tokyo Sonata (Japan)
Director: KUROSAWA Kiyoshi
Producer: KITO Yukie
Production Company: Entertainment FARM Inc.

25. Wee-Wee The Poop (Hong Kong)
Director: Brian TSE
Producer: Brian TSE
Production Company: Bliss Concepts Limited