Although Lim Soo-jung is most easily cast as a dewy ingenue, she is also capable of terror and grit - as seen in horror film A Tale Of Two Sisters - and brittleness, having portrayed a mentally disturbed girl in Park Chan-wook's recent I'm A Cyborg But That's OK.

In Hur Jin-ho's upcoming Happiness, she plays a terminally ill patient at a
country sanatorium who falls in love with a city slicker at first sight.

'You get a tremendous sense of achievement when you succeed in doing something other people have never done before,' the actress says. 'And it's even better when you are praised and recognised for your acting on top of that.

'That's how I felt with Cyborg and the Young-goon role. It was something no-one had thought of before, something interesting and new, and I feel it was my best role yet.'

'I've been very fortunate and lucky so far to have been able to meet good partner actors and good directors with good films. I credit that for the kind of actress I've become,' she says.

'But there's still a lot I want to do. I like genre films and would like to play a strong character that would show a different side of me, too.'

She says she wants to throw her all into acting until she is 40. 'I'm not sure what I'd do after that, but before then I would like to do at least one film in which I give my best performance. The kind where everyone says it's a top performance from a top actor.'

Lim says she does not want to be limited to Korean films, and is studying English.
'The wonderful thing about cinema is that people from all over can share and understand the emotions, even if they don't share a language,' she says.

'Hopefully I can meet a lot of different people at Star Summit Asia, make friends from different cultures, and let the film-makers know there is someone here to watch, who would like to take on roles from different cultures.'


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I'm A Cyborg But That's OK (2006)
Dir: Park Chan-wook
Lump Of Sugar (2006)
Dir: Lee Hwan-kyung
Sad Movie (2005)
Dir: Kwon Jong-Kwan
A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003)
Dir: Kim Jee-woon (2003)
Dir: Lee Eon-Lee


Happiness (2007)
Dir: Hur Jin-ho