The 28th International Cinematographers Film Festival 'Manaki Brothers' in Bitola, Macedonia (Sept 25-30) has announced that Croatian producer Branko Lustig will receive the festival's 'Golden Camera 300' award for outstanding contribution to the world cinema. Veteran Lustig produced Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List and Ridley Scott's Gladiator.

Meanwhile, the festival's life achievement award goes to the legendary Russian cinematographer Anatoli Petritsky, best known for his work with Sergei Bondarchuk on Academy Award-winning War And Peace.

The ICFF festival is named after brothers Yanaki and Milton Manaki, the first Macedonian photographers and cinematographers, and the name of the award comes from the film camera Bioscope 300 which they bought in London in 1905 to shoot their first film.

This year's festival will be opened by out-of-competition screening of the latest Macedonian film, Igor Ivanov's Upside Down (Prevrteno). It will present 12 films in competition for Golden, Silver and Bronze 'Cameras 300':

The Other (El Otro, Director: Ariel Rotter, Cinematographer: Marcelo Lavintman (Argentina-France-Germany)
The Mourning Forest (Mogari No Mori), Director: Naomi Kawase, Cinematographer: Hideyo Nakano (Japan)
The Living And The Dead (Zivi I Mrtvi), Director: Kristijan Milic, Cinematographer: Dragan Markovic (Croatia)
I Served The King Of England (Obluhoval Jsem Anglickeho Krale), Director: Jiri Menzel, Cinematographer: Jaromir Sofr (Czech Republic)
Dolina, Director: Zoltan Kamondi, Cinematographer: Gabor Medvigy (Hungary-Romania)
The Ugly Swans (Gadkie Lebedi), Director: Konstantin Lopushanski, Cinematographer: Vladislav Gurchin (Russia)
The Edge Of Heaven (Aud Der Anderen Seite), Director: Fatih Akin, Cinematographer: Rainer Klausmann (Germany - Turkey)
Missing Star (La Stella Che Non C'e), Director: Gianni Amelio, Cinematographer: Luca Bigazzi (Italy)
I Am From Titov Veles (Jas Sum Od Titov Veles), Director: Teona Strugar Mitevska, Cinematographer: Virginie Saint-Martin (Macedonia)
Control, Director: Anton Corbijn, Cinematographer: Martin Ruhe (UK)
Which Way Today (A Dnes Nakade), Director: Rangel Valchanov, Cinematographer: Radoslav Spassov (Bulgaria)
Paranoid Park, Director: Gus Van Sant, Cinematographer: Christopher Doyle (US-France-UK)