French broadcaster M6 has reported a 21% hike in first-half revenues, to Euros377.3m, compared to Euros211.9m for the same period in 1999. The increase was mostly due to a rise in advertising revenues, which increased 28.3%, from Euros214.6m in the first half of 1999, to Euros275.3m during the same period this year.

The channel - which is 41.9% owned by CLT-Ufa and 35.05% by Suez Lyonnaise - has enjoyed steady growth in the past few years and now ranks second only to TF1 with a 21.3% share of the advertising market compared to 19% in 1999.

Sales derived from other activities rose only 4.8%, to Euros102m, compared to Euros97.3m for the same period last year, mostly due to a slump in M6's home video activities.