Mark Damon's MDP Worldwide and Steven Paul's Crystal Sky have teamed up to handle the worldwide distribution of two new films - to be directed by William Malone (House On Haunted Hill) and sports action thriller The Extremists to be directed by Christian Duguay (The Art Of War).

The deals follow the previous joint selling effort by MDP and Crystal Sky on D'Artagnan which stars Tim Roth, Mena Suvari and Catherine Deneuve.

All three are co-produced by Apollo Media GmbH of Germany and Luxembourg-based Carousel Pictures; Moshe Diamant is producer on all three. D'Artagnan and will fall under Crystal Sky's output agreement with Datty Ruth's VCL Communications for Germany, UK, Benelux and Scandinavia., currently in pre-production, is a cyber-horror film about a medical student unearthing clues linking the violent deaths of several men to a cyber woman playing a deadly game on her website. Executive producers are Paul, Damon, David Saunders and Frank Hubner. The Extremists, set to begin shooting in March 2001, is the story of an extreme sports commercials crew falling into the hands of a bunch of crooks hidden in a ski resort high in the Alps. Executive producers are again Paul, Damon, Hubner and Saunders alongside Rudy Cohen.