Peter Pau's The Touch, starring and produced by Michelle Yeoh, has been passed uncut by the China's national censor the Film Bureau.

The move means that the film has cleared the last hurdle in its bid to secure a day-and-date release in mainland China and other parts of Asia.

The $18.6m English-language circus fantasy was set up as a co-production between Yeoh's Mythical Films, Hong Kong company Han Entertainment and China's Tianjan Studios, allowing it to fully qualify as a Chinese picture.

Han chief, Thomas Chung says The Touch will enjoy a 200-print release in China kicking off next week after its gala premiere in Hong Kong, next Monday (July 29).

Chung said "I would be very happy if it achieved Yuan30m at the Chinese box office and would love to think it capable of doing Yuan50m." Although the Chinese currency is not officially convertible, that is equivalent to a $3.6m-$6m range. Big Shot's Funeral, Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia's comedy directed by Feng Xiaogang, broke records earlier this year by earning $4.3m in less than four weeks.

"We had a screening this week for distributors and exhibitors and were enormously encouraged by their response. We were also asked for an extended 23-minute EPK so that they can show more of it on the film channel on TV," said Chung.

Yeoh, who also stars in the film alongside Richard Roxborough and Ben Chaplin has been touring Asia heavily in advance of the film's release and given the regional nature of the Chinese market will attend up to five Chinese "premieres".

The film is scheduled to receive a 40-print releases in Hong Kong, Singapore/Malaysia and Thailand. In Taiwan it will open on approximately 100 screens.