Miravista has now become the official film production label of Disney in Latin America following the dissolution of its Spanish partner, Admira.

The media division of Spanish telco giant Telefonica has been axed as part of the media divestment strategy spearheaded by Telefonica president Cesar Alierta.

Telefonica still has media interests in Dutch TV giant Endemol, leading Spanish production company Lola Films and Argentinian TV broadcaster Telefe.

To date, Miravista has produced comedy Ladies Night in Mexico (now in post), and four films in Brazil, in various stages of production.

First off is road movie The Middle Of The World (O Caminho Das Nuvens) which has screened in Toronto and San Sebastian. Romantic comedy 1972 is in post production while Underground Games (Jogo Subteraneo), based on the novel by Argentinian writer Julio Cortazar, is currently shooting with director/co writer Roberto Gervitz at the helm.

Still in pre production is The History's Owner (A Dona Da Historia) , a drama to be directed by Globo Filmes executive Daniel Filho.

Disney and Admira jointly launched Miravista with great fanfare in January 2002. The fledgling company is mulling other projects in the region including Colombia, Venezuela as well as an ambitious Mexican and Brazilian co production.