A Moment to Remember has broken the recordfor highest grossing Korean film in Japan. Surpassing rival 'KoreanWave' film April Snow, the film grossed$22m (2.7 billion yen) as of December 4, according to international sales agentCJ Entertainment.

Basedon a Japanese television series, John H. Lee's melodrama about a woman withprogressive memory loss made news at last year's PusanInternational Film Festival when it was sold to Japan for a record-breaking $2.7m.

Witha wide release by Gaga on over 300 screens, the film started off at number onein the box offices eight weeks ago, and is currently holding at fourth place.

Thetearjerker stars Musa'sJung Woo-sung and Son Ye-jin (The Classic), who also appears in April Snow opposite Japanese fan idol BaeYong-joon.

"AMoment to Remember was also a big hit in Korea - the story hasuniversal appeal for Asian audiences. And Son Ye-jin and Jung Woo-sung have the kind of star power thattravels well," says Lee Sang-moo, a manager at CJ Entertainment.

Previousrecords were held in Japan by Kang Woo-suk's action blockbusterShiri in2000, and Jeon Ji-hyun starrer Windstruck which grossed $18m there this spring. The melodramaalso holds the record in China. My Sassy Girl, which stars the same actress Jeon,holds the record in Hong Kong at about $2m.