The Motion Picture Association (MPA), partnering with Microsoft China and in collaboration with, announced the launch of the 'Love Genuine, Protect IPR' online video contest promoting respect for intellectual property rights.

Online users in China are being invited to direct and share short films illustrating either the risks of using pirated products or the value of using genuine ones.

Popular local video-sharing site will be the operating site of the contest.

The online piracy rate in China is estimated to be 80%-90%. However, more and more copyright owners have recently begun taking legal action.

Last week, MPA's six companies filed a suit against peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing operator Xunlei for copyright infringement of films such as Spiderman 3, War of the Worlds and Miami Vice. The companies are seeking more than $984,300 (RMB7m) in total damages and legal costs.

Last year, local portal site was ordered to pay $151,900 (RMB1.08m) to five US studios, for illegally making 10 US films, including the Lord Of The Rings films, available to download. Local production companies such as Huayi Brothers and Edko have also successfully sued illegal film download sites.

'Our partnership with Microsoft represents a significant opportunity to reach out to 50 million Chinese netizens, to give them an opportunity to think about the importance of copyrights and the value of creative works,' said Mike Ellis, MPA's s enior vice presidentand regional director, Asia Pacific.

According to China's Internet Network Information Center (CINIC), 90% of China's web usersuse the internet to access entertainment content or information.

The video contest started Jan 30 and will last till May. Winners will receive Microsoft sponsored rewards. Creator of the best video will be invited on a one-week Hollywood tour to visit the MPA's corporate head office and member companies' film studios.