After receiving a strong positive reaction for their horror title My Little Eye at an audience screening at the 56th Edinburgh Film Festival, director Marc Evans and producer Jon Finn (Billy Elliot) revealed that their next project will be world's apart from the one they are promoting in Scotland.

The pair will collaborate again on what Evans describes as "musical verite" - a teen movie set in 1970s Swansea.

"I watch a lot of contemporary teen movies like '10 Things I Hate About You'", Evans told Screen International, "and thought 'God, they're really good, American teen movies' and I said to Jon we should try to do a teen movie in the way the Americans do it. We tried to work out why Britain can't make teen movies very well and half the reason is the weather, so we've set ours in 1976 which is the hottest summer on record so it's got that surf feel to it."

"The school is putting on a musical and the conceit is that the kids use songs that are known, that exist, and that becomes the soundtrack to what happens off stage. Baz Luhrmann opened the door to that with what he did on Moulin Rouge."

Laurence Coriat (Wonderland, Me Without You) is currently working on the screenplay which will be produced by Working Title, which produced My Little Eye. It is hoped to begin production summer 2003.