The Netherlands may haveseen year-on-year box office fall in line with much of Europe but local titlessaw an admissions gain.

The territory as a wholewitnessed box office fall 12.7% from $187.1m (Euro 154.1m) in 20004 to $163.4m(Euro 134.5m) in 2005. Admissions slipped 11.2% from 23 million to 20.5million.

The year was a good one forlocal films, however. Four local titles made the top 20 of the year, lead byIndependent Films' Het Schnitzelparadijs.The 39 local titles released sold 2.78 million tickets, up from 2004's 2.12million. This provided a local market share of 13.56%, 4.36% up from 9.2% in2004.

Independent Films releasedthe top three local titles (the others being De Kameleon 2 and Zoop In Afrika)finishing, appropriately, as the top independent distributor of the year with a12.43% market share. That put them third for the year after UIP (22.24%) andWarner Bros (19.34%).

Of the Hollywood releases that made up the entire top 10 for the year, Harry Potter And TheGoblet Of Fire finished top of the box office with $9.2m (Euro7.5m). Madagascar narrowly edged out Potter on admissions (1.017million compared to 1.015 million) but finished second for box office due tolower children's ticket prices.

Meanwhile Star Wars: Episode III underperformed relatively finishing fifth for theyear only just ahead of 20th Century Fox stablemate Mr And Mrs Smith.

Top 20 Films - Netherlands2005

Title (Distributor) Total Adms Total BO

1 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire(Warner Bros) 1.015m $9.2m

2 Madagascar (UIP) 1.017m $6.3m

3 Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (WarnerBros) 0.67m $5.2m

4 War Of The Worlds (UIP) 0.69m $5.2m

5 Star Wars: Episode III (20th Fox) 0.56m $4.75m

6 Mr And Mrs Smith (20th Fox) 0.53m $4.55m

7 Hitch (SPRI) 0.45m $3.8m

8 Meet The Fockers(UIP) 0.38m $3.4m

9 Ocean's Twelve (Warner Bros) 0.34m $3.1m*

10 The SpongeBob SquarePantsMovie (UIP) 0.42m $3.04m

11 Het Schnitzelparadijs (Independent Films)0.36m $3.04m

12 Kingdom Of Heaven (20th Fox) 0.33m $2.86m

13 De Kameleon 2 (Independent Films) 0.42m$2.8m

14 Zoop In Afrika(Independent Films) 0.39m $2.76m

15 Het Paard Van Sinterklaas(Warner Bros) 0.35m $2.54m

16 King Kong (UIP) 0.25m $2.53m

17 National Treasure (BVI) 0.29m $2.5m

18 Flightplan (BVI) 0.26m $2.3m

19 The Pacifier (BVI) 0.27m $2.16m

20 The Incredibles (BVI) 0.28m $2.1m

Source: MPAA