Norwegian producer Aage Aaberge has been named head of feature film production at Nordisk Film & TV in Norway to boost the company's production volume.

This also means that the Nordisk-controlled Northern Lights is merged into Nordisk Film & TV.

Former Lights chief Axel Helgeland, who produced I Am Dina, will continue as producer in NFTV.

The Norwegian box-office is currently seeing just the kind of thing Nordisk is aiming for, with two family films, Arne Lindtner Næss' The Olsen Gang Jr Under Water and Peder Norlund's Wolfsummer, riding high in the charts.

The latter was produced by Northern Lights' Helgeland. "We are going to increase our production both of feature films - to three-four titles annually - and of television drama," Nordisk Film & TV's managing director Stein-Roger Bull told local media.

Aaberge co-founded Yellow Cottage in 1989, and has produced such films as The Sunset Boys (with Robert Mitchum and Cliff Robertson) as well as the still running children's film Pelle The Police Car by Thomas Kaiser. It is expected that Yellow Cottage will continue it's activities till the end of the year and finish Stig Bergqvist's $5.8m animated Captain Sabertooth.