Name: Richard Wright, producer

Production: Underworld 3: Rise Of The Lycans shot in and around Auckland for 11 weeks earlier this year.

- Why did you decide to shoot in New Zealand'

We had to shoot January through March because of actors' availability. The film takes place almost completely at night and mainly outdoors, and we did not want to be shooting in a northern hemisphere winter. Plus you get a 15% rebate.

- Where else did you consider and reject, and why'

The first Underworld was shot in Hungary, which has since got expensive. I've been in Romania in winter and there was no way I was going there. The second Underworld was shot in Canada. New Zealand is a bit cheaper than Canada - New Zealand's financial incentives are not as high but the New Zealand dollar is not as high against the US dollar as Canada's.

- How did you find New Zealand crews'

It is almost completely a New Zealand film. I would put New Zealand crews up against any international crews. They are as good as anywhere in their skill level; in their work ethic and attitude they are better than most.

- Is there anything New Zealand lacks'

You wouldn't go there for a recognisable location such as New York or Los Angeles.

- What did you like most about shooting in New Zealand'

The location was perfect. Our film takes place in an unnamed Eastern European location in 1200ad. New Zealanders are a little sick of being associated with The Lord Of The Rings but New Zealand is perfect for a film that requires every piece of architecture, costume and weapon to be made.

- Would you shoot in New Zealand again'

In a heartbeat.