The world premiere of Amit Gupta’s Jadoo is to feature in the line-up of Culinary Cinema - the food and environmental strand of the Berlin International Film Festival.

Returning for its seventh year, this year’s strand will comprise 16 films including Gupta’s British comedy about rival Indian restaurants alongside five other world premieres (see below).

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The line-up will also include Hal Ashby’s 1979 classic Being There, which has been selected because Peter Sellers plays a gardener.

The five-day festival will also include meals provided by star chefs, who are encouraged to use the films of that day as the basis of their cuisine. Festival director Dieter Kosslick said: “We show films that stimulate the appetite.

“Afterwards, we serve food prepared by top chefs who have been watching the films themselves. During dessert, there is a talk about the issues the film raised. In the late screenings, by contrast, we often show films that rather spoil one’s appetite as they look closely at the often disastrous state of food production.”

This year, Culinary Cinema’s theme is gardening and its motto is “Dig Your Food - From Field to Fork”. Programme curator Thomas Struck added: “Our Culinary Cinema pleasure garden is freshly stocked. Many of this year’s films include some aspect of gardening, be it concretely or figuratively,”

The strand will run from Feb 10-15 at Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau.

Films in Culinary Cinema 2013

Being There - USA 1979
By Hal Ashby
With Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine, Melvyn Douglas, Jack Warden

Couscous Island- Italy
By Francesco Amato, Stefano Scarafia
World Premiere

By Jeremy Seifert
World premiere

Green Porno Season Two - USA 2008
By Isabella Rossellini, Jody Shapiro

Haleema- Germany
By Boris Schaarschmidt
With Dara Iruka, Dani Dare, Peres Owino, Samba Schutte, Larry Thigpen
World Premiere

Jadoo- Great Britain
By Amit Gupta
With Amara Karan, Harish Patel, Kulvinder Ghir, Tom Mison
World Premiere

Kitchen Dreams - Spain
By Felipe Ugarte
With Naia Ugarte Gillis, Julieta Caruso
International Premiere

L’Amour des Moules(Mussels in Love) - Netherlands/Belgium
By Willemiek Kluijfhout
German Premiere

La Rizière (The Rice Paddy) - France/People’s Republic of China
By Zhu Xiaoling
With Yang Yingqiu, Yang Xiaoyuan, Wu Shenming, O Xuexin, Shi Guangjin
German Premiere

Make Hummus Not War- Australia
By Trevor Graham
International Premiere

CPerú sabe: La cocina, arma social (Cuisine as an Agent of Social Change) - Peru/Spain
By Jesús M. Santos
With Ferran Adrià, Gastón Acurio

Red Obsession- Australia
By Warwick Ross, David Roach
World Premiere

Slow Food Story- Italy
By Stefano Sardo
With Carlo Petrini, Azio Citi
World Premiere

The Fruit Hunters- Canada
By Yung Chang
German Premiere

The Moo Man- Great Britain/Germany
By Andy Heathcote, Heike Bachelier
European Premiere

Una furtiva lagrima- USA
By Carlos Vogele
German Premiere