Anthony Baxter’s documentary to be distributed on all major VoD platforms in June.

BOND/360 has acquired the rights to A Dangerous Game.

Anthony Baxter’s documentary looks at how luxury golf courses for the super rich around the world can be environmental calamities. BOND/360 will distribute the film on all major VoD platforms in June.

Baxter commented: “I am delighted that we will bringing A Dangerous Game to a global audience through BOND/360. Their reputation for cutting edge distribution is a perfect fit for a film with such an urgent theme, and which is striking a chord all over the world.”

The deal was negotiated by Marc Schiller and Amanda Lebow from BOND/360.

“It is rare to discover a documentary that incorporates grass roots activism and local issues with globe-spanning journalism so seamlessly and in such an entertaining, visually-interesting way,” added Schiller.

A Dangerous Game will screen at Thom Powers’ Stranger Than Fiction doc series in New York City this Thursday [March 12], followed by a Q&A with Baxter.