Soi Cheang’s action drama stars Tony Jaa [pictured], Wu Jing and Simon Yam.

Start-up Hong Kong sales and distribution outfit Bravos Pictures has picked up Soi Cheang’s action drama SPL 2, starring Tony Jaa, Wu Jing and Simon Yam.

Currently in production, the film follows a Hong Kong cop attempting to rescue a colleague who has been locked up in a Thai prison, but who can save his daughter’s life through a bone marrow transplant.

Sun Entertainment Culture is producing the film, which also features Louis Koo in a special appearance.

The film is a thematic sequel to 2005 action drama SPL, directed by Wilson Yip and starring Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen and Wu Jing. SPL refers to the initials of three renegade stars in Chinese astrology. Yip and Paco Wong are producing the sequel.

Bravos, established by former Media Asia sales exec Ricky Tse, is involved in both international sales and distribution in Hong Kong and China.

“We’re focusing mostly on picking up films from Hong Kong and mainland Chinese independent producers,” said Tse. “However we’re also talking to North American producers who are interested in accessing the China market either through co-production or sales.”

The company’s sales slate also includes Pang Ho-cheung’s Aberdeen; Larry Yang’s drama Sorry I Love You; comedy 3D Naked Ambition, directed by Lee Kung Lok; Nick Leung’s horror Get Outta Here; and James Hung’s drama The Seventh Lie, starring Ronald Cheng and Josie Ho.