New York-based production and distribution company Cactus Three (C3) has formed a film finishing fund for documentaries and independent films.

The fund, started by C3 co-founders and executive producers Caroline Stevens and Krysanne Katsoolis in collaboration with Canadian film financier John Margetis of Liquid Productions, will identify films needing finishing funds so they can be submitted for the festival circuit.

As much as $100,000 can be allocated to a single film for post-production and C3 is looking to work on between five and seven projects a year.

In a statement, the company said it is looking to finance films “that focus on social issues in need of a voice as well as films that capture the triumph of the human spirit.”

Caroline Stevens commented, “As executive producers we understand the importance of a fund to help those creating the best in their genre to realise their creative visions. Too often even the best filmmakers are crippled by the inability to complete production financing and this fund is specifically aimed to redress this situation.”

C3 films include Once in a Lifetime, Sydney Pollock’s Sketches of Frank Gehry and Cat Dancers.