Fund will develop up to four feature films and will develop and produce up to eight short films every year.

Doha Film Institute (DFI) has launched a dedicated Qatari Film Fund to support shot and feature film-making by Qataris.

The film development, production and post-production fund will offer another avenue of support extended by the Institute for the growth of home-grown talent. It was announced by Fatma Al Remaihi [pictured], acting CEO of the Doha Film Institute and director of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival, at the screening of the ‘Made in Qatar’ films at the second Ajyal Youth Film Festival.

Starting early next year, the fund will develop up to four feature films as well as develop and produce up to eight short films every year through two application sessions. At least one of the four feature films will be selected the following year for production support by the Qatari Film Fund through mentoring and financial support.

Feature fillms will be eligible for development funds up to QAR182,500 ($50,000), while short films are eligible for a combined development and production budget of up to QAR182,500 ($50,000).

Al Remaihi commented: “The Qatari Film Fund marks a new phase of support for Qatari filmmakers. In recent years, we have witnessed a welcome growth in the local industry in both the volume and quality of films we are seeing, evidenced by the high level of participation by Qatari talent in our Made in Qatar showcase at the Ajyal Youth Film Festival.”

Further details of the Fund will be announced early next year.