Maya Entertainment has acquired US rights to Greetings to the Devil from Celluloid Nightmares. American Latino and multi-cultural specialist Maya will release the thriller theatrically and on its VOD platform.

Directed by Columbian film-maker Juan Philipe Orozco and written by his brother Carlos Esteban Orozco, the film stars Edgar Ramirez (Carlos, The Borne Ultimatum) as a former guerilla rebel who, when his daughter is kidnapped, is given 72 hours to track down and murder the members of his former unit.

The film has also sold to territories including Canada (where Mongrel will distribute), the UK (Revolver), Australia (Madman), France (Wild Side), Germany (Senator), Peru/ Ecuador/Bolivia (Star), Turkey (Calinos), the Middle East and Indonesia (Pt Amero).

The Orozco brothers and Alejandro Ángel Ortega produced the film, with XYZ Films (partner in Celluloid Nightmares with French sales company Celluloid Dreams) serving as executive producer. The deal was negotiated by Nate Bolotin and Nick Spicer of Celluloid Nightmares and Tonantzin Esparza, Maya’s director of acquisitions.