Film will receive promotional support from Europa Cinemas as part of the award.

Hervé Lasgouttes’ Crawl has won the Europa Cinemas Label for best European film in the Venice Days section of the Venice Film Festival.

Lasgouttes’ film, which centres on a romance between a young man living on casual jobs and small robberies and a dedicated swimmer who becomes pregnant, will benefit from promotional support from Europa Cinemas as a result of the award, as well as better exhibition thanks to a financial incentive for network cinemas to include it in their programme schedule.

Four network exhibitors voted on the award and commented that the film has a “strong sense of story and powerfully evokes the atmosphere of working life in Brittany in a tough economic climate.”

Crawl joins Marco Tullio Giordana’s Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy, Merzak Allouache’s The Repentant and Sally El Hosaini’s My Brother the Devil as a winner of a 2012 Europa Cinemas Label, following their wins in Karlovy Vary, Cannes and Berlin respectively.

Premium Films are selling Crawl internationally.