The first feature to emerge from Hewlett-Packard China’s user-generated content campaign is to be released on August 28 in mainland China.

Yi Zhi Gou De Da Xue Shi Guang (A Dog’s College Life in literal translation), directed by young filmmaker Lu Zhengyu, is a youth comedy about six college friends and their dog. Ning Hao (Crazy Stone) served as artistic direction consultant and the cast includes Xue Zhiqian, Lin Yuan and Wang Xuebing.

Co-financed by major Chinese video-sharing website, the film is part of the My Computer - My Stage campaign organized by Hewlett-Packard and Saatchi & Saatchi Beijing. The three-year campaign created platforms for Chinese youths to express their creativity.

More than 220,000 young people participated in the creation of the 98-minute feature film by posting their stories on video-sharing sites. Lu Zhengyu, who started as a web filmmaker and presented his early works on, wrote the film’s script based on the online submissions.

“My Computer - My Stage has not only harnessed some untapped creative talent in China but also provided Chinese youth with an unprecedented opportunity to network, brainstorm and create art, music and film via the internet,” said Hewlett-Packard and Saatchi & Saatchi Beijing in a statement.