Source: Indie Sales


Paris-based company Indie Sales has unveiled first deals on Constance Meyer’s debut feature Robust, which world premiered as the opening film of Cannes’ Critic’s Week in July. 

It has sold to Austria (Polyfilm), Belgium and Luxembourg (Athena), Canada (K Films), Portugal (Films4You), Switzerland (First Hand), and the UK and Ireland (606 Distribution).

The film stars Gérard Depardieu as an ageing actor in decline, opposite Divines discovery Déborah Lukumuena as a semi-professional wrestler hired to be his bodyguard. The seemingly disparate pair discover they have a lot in common. 

The film was warmly reviewed in Cannes. It is produced by Isabelle Madelaine at Paris-based production company Dharamsala, whose credits include Alice Winocour’s Proxima and Disorder as well as Claire Burger’s Real Love.

Diaphana Distribution will release the film in France in early 2022.