FDA figures reveal increasingly congested and competitive marketplace.

The UK is an increasingly cluttered and expensive market in which to release films, according to new Film Distributors’ Association statistics.

Last year there were 646 theatrical releases in the UK, 69 more than in 2011, at an average of more than 12 per week.

The number is a 64% increase on 2002 when only 394 were released.

At the same time, P & A spend was in excess of £330m for the first time, despite total media spend declining by £12m year-on-year to an estimated £184.7m and the reduced cost of digital prints.

The £184.7m media spend figure still represents the second highest on record, with TV and Outdoor spend at their second-highest in the same period.

As online campaigns become streamlined, more targeted, and increasingly based around social networks, internet spending was at its lowest in five years at only £4m, half of its 2011 level.

As previously reported, the UK managed a record box office in 2012 despite significant distractions over the summer months, amassing £1.172m, a 3.7% increases on 2011.

Skyfall became the first film ever to cross £100m at the box office.

The territory clocked up its second highest number of admissions since records began on 172,498,774, a 0.5% increase on 2011.

The UK continues to account for around 7% of world cinema box office and 20% of European box office. 

43 3D films accounted for 18% of the box office receipts, 3% lower than in 2011 when two more 3D films were releases.

UK qualifying films claimed 31.9% of the box office, above average share in the last five years.

Digital film sales grew by more than 20% year on year but declining physical sales and rentals still account for 78% of the market.

The most watched trailer on YouTube last year was video game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which garnered 35.15 views. The Dark Knight Rises’ third trailer saw most hits among film titles on 26.83m.

France was the top cinemagoing market in Western Europe, racking up 204.3m admissions. The UK was second, Germany third. Spain and Italy continued to take a hit, with year-on-year cinemagoing declining by 4.9% and 10% respectively.