San Sebastian, Seville and Sitges film festivals unveil new business section.

The directors of the San Sebastian, Seville and Sitges film festivals have jointly announced a new section that will focus on “business cinema”.

The section has been developed by Barcelona-based business consultancy Cookie Box, which has previously introduced the concept of draManamagnet – mixing drama and business to create short films for companies.

At a time when Spain is cutting public funds for cinema, the new section highlights how corporate films can offer a new revenue stream to filmmakers.

However, Cookie Box founding partner Sergi Corbeto stressed that these films are not simple commercials. “We are not an advertising agency and draManagement does not seek to empower brands; rather, it is a question of empowering people and conveying internal company values,” he said.

At a press conference in Barcelona, a unanimous statement was released by festival directors Jose Luis Rebordinos (San Sebastian), Jose Luis Cienfuegos (Seville) and Angel Sala (Sitges).

“There is an absolute need to commit to innovation, seek new kinds of cinema, new audience and, of course, new financing channels,” it said.

The draManagement section will seek to encourage companies that wish to make this kind of film.

San Sebastian’s Rebordinos said: “We are looking for new formulas and if we come across an idea to entice companies into the world of film, bring it on.”

Sitges festival director Sala said: “If we want cinema to have a future and want to offer opportunities to young talent we must back the application of film to other areas – in this case, business.”

“We have to reinvent ourselves and open out towards new disciplines and new enterprising models,” added Cienfuegos of Seville.