Time In A Bottle

Source: Coco International

‘Time In A Bottle’

Taiwan’s Big Think International and Coco Entertainment are joining forces to develop Hello Marriage into a series of film projects for international markets.

Big Think International, which previously adapted Teng Hui-Wen’s 2017 bestselling novel Hello Marriage, Goodbye Love as a stage production, will now collaborate on a film series of the IP with Coco Entertainment, a new outfit established by Oscar Chi, former vice president of Perfect Village Entertainment and legal head of Angie Chai’s Star Ritz International Entertainment.

The Taiwan-based companies are launching the project at a joint press conference at Filmart today (March 13).

The Hello Marriage feature film will be made in two versions: one for mainland China and one for Taiwan. Separately, there will be a series of five further films set across different Asian cities, each one featuring a marriage-themed narrative in genres including wuxia, comedy and horror.

“We are developing the series of five films with regional producers who are also exhibitors in Singapore and Hong Kong and also looking for partners for two more cities,” Big Think founder Chen Mei-shan told Screen. “The idea is to let the films play longer in the cinemas if the producers also own the cinemas and bring the audience back to the big screen.”

As well as co-producing, Coco Entertainment will also handle international sales on the new titles. Chou Chiayu, formerly of Beijing Joy Pictures and Endeavor Content, heads up international sales at Coco Entertainment.

At the Filmart launch, Coco Entertainment will present its debut projects, including Liu Yalin’s first film Bad Boys and Lien Chun-Chieh’s animated feature Time In A Bottle, a teaser of which will be shown at the launch.