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Source: GrX Studio

GrX Studio founder Hank TSENG and CEO Phil TANG

Hank Tseng’s GrX Studio has appointed veteran producer Dennis Wu and screenwriter Ho Shing Ming in senior level roles as part of the Taiwanese studio’s drive to ramp up international collaboration and reinforce itself as a key film and TV producer in the region.

The Taipei-based company recently produced a second season of The Victims’ Game, which launched globally in June as the first Chinese-language drama series renewed by Netflix.

It will be followed by The Outlaw Doctor in the third quarter, a medical crime drama series set up as an international co-production. Starring Taiwanese actress Janine Chang and Vietnamese actor Lien Binh Phat (Song Lang), 60% of the dialogue is in English.

GrX Studio CEO Phil Tang said the company aimed to produce 100% English-language works in the future for international markets. The company was founded by Tseng in 2022 after it was rebranded from Greener Grass Production, which previously produced The Tag-Along film franchise, The Victims’ Game, and drama series’ Wake Up  and Gold Leaf.

Upcoming projects include Trapped In Yellow, a genre film based on Taiwanese urban legend that will start filming later this year, and The Tag-Along Obsession, an international online adventure thriller game authorised by GrX Studio.

Wu has taken the role of strategy and chief investment officer. He was previously chairman of Bole Film, chairman of Vieshow Cinemas and Vie Vision Pictures and marketing director of 20th Century Fox in Taiwan. He was also executive producer of 2023’s Marry My Dead Body, the seventh highest grossing Taiwanese feature of all time.

Ho has been named chief creative director at GrX Studio. With almost three decades’ experience, he is an award-winning screenwriter with credits such as Netflix’s Copycat Killer and actress-turned-director Rene Liu’s feature debut Us And Them, a 2018 box office hit in China.

Ho is the chairman of Good Story Inc and previously served as director at Sanlih Entertainment Television. He said: “The new industrial revolution is coming because of AI. As we take on the challenge, we believe that developing creative talents is the possible solution for crossing borders and breaking boundaries.”