Danish major Nordisk Film announces company structure after 17-year relationship with Columbia Tristar-Sony Pictures Releasing International ends.

As of Jan 1, Danish major Nordisk Film established its own outlets to handle productions and acquisitions in Sweden, Norway and Finland. This comes in the wake of its split from Columbia Tristar-Sony Pictures Releasing International, after 17 years of collaboration on theatrical distribution in the Nordic market.

At Nordisk's Copenhagen headquarters Mikkel Berg is overall chief of Nordic film distribution, with Peter Philipsen responsible for the purchase of international independent product, Lone Korslund for Scandinavian co-productions and pick-ups, and Kirsten Dalgaard for art-house films.

The Nordic set-up includes:

Denmark: Nordisk in Copenhagen will release indie titles and local films, including in-house productions (Nordisk Film Production/Kim Magnusson), features from partly-owned A.Film and Fine & Mellow Productions, as well as M&M Productions (Tivi Magnusson), CPHBombay Productions (Anders Morgenthaler, Sarita Christensen), Asta Film (Per Holst), Substanz, Nepenthe Film ao. Jan Lehmann is local distribution manager.

Finland: Nordisk will release indie titles and local films from ao, MRP Matila Röhr Productions (Marko Röhr, Ilkka Matila), Kinotar, Animaker, Kinoproduction (Claes Olsson). Katerina Nyman is Finnish distribution chief in Helsinki.

Norway: From a new set-up at Nordisk's offices in Nydalen outside Oslo, still headed by veteran distributor Bjørn Hoenvoll, Nordisk will release indie titles and local films, including in-house productions and features from 4½ Productions (Turid Øversveen, Karin Julsrud, Gudny Hummelvoll, Håkon Øverås), Maipo Film- & TV-produksjon (Dag Alveberg), You Are Here, ao.

Sweden: Nordisk has etablished a new Stockholm distribution outfit under the direction of Pia Gründler, to release indie titles and local films from, ao, Breidablick, Moviola Film (Hans Lönnerheden), Hepp Film (Helena Danielsson), adding the Beck franchise co-produced with FilmLance International (Börje Hansson), and a joint venture with SS Fladen (Swedish director Hannes Holm's Underbar och älskad av alla/Wonderful and Loved by All).