Nippon Television Network (NTV) has sold action-suspense manga adaptation MW to Hong Kong’s Sundream Motion Pictures ahead of its market screening premiere.

Based on a story by famed creator Osamu Tezuka first published in 1976, MW stars Hiroshi Tamaki as a high level banker leading a double life as a calculating serial killer.

Tamaki’s character takes revenge on the people responsible for leaking a military chemical weapon code-named MW, while ultimately planning to use it himself to destroy the world. He confesses his sins to his childhood friend who is a priest, played by Takyuki Yamada.

Yamada is best known for his co-starring role in 2007 hit Crows: Zero, directed by Takashi Miike. The sequel is released on April 11.

The film is directed by Hitoshi Iwamoto and written by Death Note scripter Tetsuya Oishi with Haruo Kimura. MW also co-stars Yuriko Ishida and Ryo Ishibashi.

MW is produced by a consortium led by IMJ Entertainment’s Studio Swan, Amuse Soft Entertainment and FX house Shirogumi, with NTV handling world sales. Sundream acquired all Hong Kong rights.

As reported on last June, the film was announced as part of ongoing releases to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the late Tezuka’s birth.

NTV is also premiering school sports comedy Oppai Volleyball and continuing sales of the 20th Century Boys trilogy and Takeshi Kaneshiro film K-20: Legend of the Mask.