The production and sales companies behind Berlin competition title Lost In Beijing say they plan to screen the original version of the film at the European Film Market, rather than the modified version that was approved yesterday by China 's censors.

French sales outfit Films Distribution issued a statement today (Feb 6) claiming that it had reached an agreement with director Li Yu and producer Fang Li of Beijing-based Laurel Films to 'screen the integral uncensored version in the market screenings regardless of the censors' decision'.

Chinese censors yesterday approved a cut version of the film that is 15 minutes shorter than the original and modifies a story about two couples swapping partners into a story about a love triangle between one woman and two men.

It's understood the censors were concerned that the film, which examines changing moral values in Chinese society against a backdrop of rapid economic development, portrays China in a negative light.

The filmmakers now have to decide whether to screen the original or the cut version of the film in the festival where it has been selected for main competition. The official screenings are scheduled to take place 16.00 and 22.30 on Friday, Feb 16.

In the statement, Films Distribution said that it 'still hopes an agreement will be found before the official screening of Feb 16 but he [Fang Li] still doesn't know which version will be discovered by the Berlinale audience.'