TIFF 2008 opener Passchendaele has grossed $1m (C$1.38m) after its opening week in Canada on release through Alliance Films.

Written and directed by and starring Paul Gross, the WWI-set epic opened on 202 screens across the country. The film was a distant second at the national box office behind 20th Century Fox's video game adaptation Max Payne, starring Mark Wahlberg, and just ahead of Warner Bros. thriller Body Of Lies, directed by Ridley Scott, just finishing its second week.

Passchendaele's was the strongest opening for an English-language Canadian film since Trailer Park Boys: The Movie in 2006. It was the No. 1 film at cinemas in the Maritime provinces but was a modest performer in Quebec. Its screen average nationally was C$6,833.

With a budget of over $20m, Passchendaele has been billed as the most expensive Canadian film ever. Alliance spent nearly C$2m on P&A, including a cross-country promotional tour and a screening for Canadian troops stationed in Afghanistan.

Passchendaele, one of the deadliest battles of the Great War, is considered one of the turning points in the development of Canada from a colony into a nation.