Author Paulo Coelho is working with MySpace on the creation of his first feature film, The Experimental Witch.

The project is inspired by Coelho's most recent book The Witch Of Portobello, and will use the concept of 'mash up' videos. MySpace users will submit original videos and music and then Coelho will select up to 15 videos and 16 songs to be used in the final film.

Each of the short films will be based on one of the book's narratives and 15 main characters. The book is about girl born in Transylvania, who becomes an orphan and is later adopted by a Lebanese couple.

Finished shorts will be submitted and posted on MySpaceTV. Films can be made in any language, but if not in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French will need subtitles.

Coelho, the best-selling Brazilian author, said: 'I'm an avid MySpace user and have been connecting with my fans there for the past three years. When I decided to create my first movie together with my readers, MySpace quickly came to mind as the ideal partner. The site's ability to connect people - artists, musicians and filmmakers - around the world is unmatched. I am excited to see how this truly unique and innovative project develops.'

'Paulo's decision to reach out to the global MySpace community is a powerful reflection on both the power of collaboration and the creativity of our users,' added Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace. 'We hope that through amazing opportunities like this we can continue to inspire thousands of people and make the art of making movies even more accessible.'

Submissions open June 16 and close July 25. Winners will be announced Aug 24. MySpace users worldwide are eligible to enter.

Meanwhile, as announced in Cannes, Laurence Fishburne will direct, star and produce in a $60m-plus adaptation of Coelho's The Alchemist
for The Weinstein Company.