UK-basedPicture Players has finished principal photography on its first feature film, The Killing of John Lennon.

AndrewPiddington wrote and directed the film about MarkDavid Chapman, who shot John Lennon in 1980. Newcomer Jonas Ball plays Chapman.

ProducerRakha Singh is making his feature film debut afterworking in television.

Piddington previously directed features Shuttlecock and The Falland has written and directed TV films including Weegee the Famous, Under theVolcano and Enemy of the State.

"When [Andrew] firstapproached me to produce the film in 2003, I was struck with how fresh andrelevant the story was," Singh said. "I thought I knew all there was to know,but Andrew's treatment convinced me the story was big enough and extraordinaryenough not to need fiction."

Picture Players said thefilm had been shot over a three-year period on location in Hawaii, Georgia and New York.

The film was financed withprivate investment from the UK. Picture Players said the budget was $2.1m (£1.2m)as the film heads into post-production.

No sales agent is attached yet.