Hong Kong has selected Yonfan’s Prince Of Tears as its entry for the best foreign-language film category of the Academy Awards, while Taiwan has chosen Leon Dai’s award-winning No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti.

Produced by Hong Kong’s Far Sun Film and Taiwan’s Peony5 Film Co, Prince Of Tears has just had its world premiere at the Venice film festival and is scheduled for Hong Kong release on October 22.

However, the Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong said it will have an Oscar-qualifying run from September 24 at the Grand Cinema in Kowloon.

Set in 1950s Taiwan during a period of anti-Communist hysteria known as the “White Terror”, Prince Of Tears revolves around a family whose lives are torn apart when the parents are arrested for being suspected Communist spies.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Government Information Office (GIO) announced that it has selected No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti as its contender for the best foreign-language Oscar. The drama about a widower’s fight for custody of his daughter recently won four prizes including best film at the Taipei Film Festival, and the grand prize at Japan’s Skip City International D-Cinema Festival.