The English language feature will focus on the artist’s entire life story.

US and European based production company Kalliope Films is developing a feature biopic about Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh will be the first English language feature film about the artist since the 1956 Kirk Douglas movie Lust for Life and will focus on the artist’s entire life story.

Shooting will take place in Belgium, France, the UK and The Netherlands, taking in some of the actual houses where he lived.

Emiel Pijnaker, EVP of production at Kalliope Films, said he and his team had “spent several years doing extensive research on Van Gogh’s unusual and exciting life. We have traveled to all of the diverse locations where Van Gogh resided and interviewed numerous people while investigating his story. After years of this detective work, we hope that we have finally unraveled some of the mysteries of Vincent’s intriguing tale.”

The biopic will be the follow up to Kalliope Films’ current feature film project Hansel & Gretel in 3D, which they are producing together with the Emmy Award-Winning production company, The Institute.

Kalliope Films’ is also in post-production on the biographical documentary Wrestling With Faith about retired WWE wrestler “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, directed by Gregory Louis Carter.