Fox’s feature version of TV series 24 “very close”, “looking at end of April to start production,” according to Sutherland.

Speaking at MIPCOM, actor and producer Kiefer Sutherland said today that the feature version of Fox’s hit series 24 was ramping up. “We’re very close. We’ve worked very long and hard the last two years on a screenplay. It was actually much more difficult to take this idea that was in 24, which had 24 hours and 24 episodes to tell a story, and condense that into two hours. We thought it would be easier but it was much more difficult.

“Now a wonderful writer named Billy Ray has finished the screenplay. Hopefully we’re looking at the end of April to start production.”

Sutherland was speaking at the launch of his new network drama Touch, written by Heroes creator Tim Kring.

Brian Grazer of Imagine Entertainment, who also produced the 24 series, has long been attached as producer of the feature.

Ray most recently scripted Kevin Macdonald’s State Of Play.