Tucker [pictured] to direct Haas Silver Levene Film Studios’ based on real life spy thriller.

Lead producer and writer Timothy Haas has announced that Anand Tucker will direct The Inside Outside Man.

Tucker, whose credits include Leap Year and Shopgirl, is currently shooting DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls.

Production on The Inside Outside Man is set to commence in late summer-early autumn at Barrandov Studios in Prague.

The based on real life spy thriller is part of Haas Silver Levene Film Studios countdown to World War Two Prague slate [see separate story here].

Haas commented: “The movie promises to be an eye-opener, and I am delighted that Anand Tucker will direct this extraordinary story which has been many years in the works.”

The Inside Outside Man centres on Frank Foley, a passport control officer in Britain’s Berlin Embassy who went against his Government’s orders to work with opposition groups to overthrow Hitler.